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ShiningnovelMy favorite author is Stephen King. I've read most of his books twice or more. I was just the right age when books like Christine and Pet Sematary were coming out, and even then he had an amazing catalogue to explore (Cujo, Firestarter, Dead Zone, Stand, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, Carrie). I read all those books so many times that they fell apart in my hands. King has great characters and then he puts them into extrordinary situations. That's the perfect combination for me.

In my twenties, I read a lot of books with great characters. At least I thought they were great. My favorite authors were Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Tyler, Alice Hoffman, and Robertson Davies. To satisfy my need for paranormal plots, I turned to Anne Rice, and King (always back to King). 

When I latch on to an author, I tend to binge. I read Mark Twain that way, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle. I just read everything by them that I could find.

My sci-fi and fantasy desires led me to Arthur C. Clarke, Roger Zelazny, Piers Anthony, J. R. R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. I think I prefer stuff that starts here and now though. Show me a world that mirrors my own and then twist it. That's what I'm looking for. And I need good characters, too. And I really want to find out what happens to Susan in the end.