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What I find interesting about P90X is that I really didn't intend to take it seriously, and it still sucked me in.

Libby (David U. Libby) bought a copy and left it on my server one day. This means that it was suddenly available, day and night, on every television in the house. It became impossible for me to ignore. 

At first I thought – "I'll just do the Ab Ripper X every other day and see what happens." For about three months, I fired up the drag-me-straight-to-hell ab routine and cranked out sixteen minutes of resultless sweat. I definitely got better at the routine, but that was the only result I saw.

Then, one day in March, I decided to try Chest & Back, just to see what it was like. I had to buy a couple of weights and a pullup bar, but the investment was really low. I didn't write anything down that first day (you're supposed to record how you do on each exercise), and it kinda kicked my ass, but it was fun. I documented the first day's lessons with a Top 10 list. After that first day, I just kept doing it to see what would happen.  What happens is this – P90X becomes quite addictive. You feel better, have more energy, and steadily improve at the routines. I wasn't restricting my calories (much), but you still lose some weight and definitely lose some inches

After finishing the first round, I took a week off and then dove back in with a loftier goal – I was going to do "doubles" (which tosses in an extra cardio routine on all the weight days), and cut back to 1200 calories a day. For the first month (July), I experienced amazing results. I had already bulked up and slimmed down, but I still lost twenty pounds during July, and it felt easy.

weightI would have stuck with that plan all the way through round two, but then I got sick. I wasn't very sick –  I just had a slight cold one Tuesday (which was my stretch day) that lingered into Wednesday. I felt just bad enough that I came home after work and decided I wouldn't do Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, or Abs, or Cardio. This was the first time I'd ever cancelled a P90X day, so I felt guilty. When I woke up feeling great on Thursday, I figured it was time to make up for slacking off.

Thursday, July 28th, I did four workouts: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps; Abs; Cardio; and Plyometrics. Friday, July 29th, I discovered that I had a hernia. No big deal, I got it fixed, but it did force me to take a break from the obsessive workouts.

A strange thing happened while I was on my workout break. Normally, even on a restricted-calorie diet, if I'm not working out then I maintain about two hundred pounds. It takes concerted effort for me to get down to one-eighty. I was at one-eighty, but I was definitely concerting the effort, so it made sense. When I couldn't work out anymore, I expected to nudge back up. I didn't want to, but I expected it.

Instead of drifting back up (with the exception of a very brief surgery-spike), my weight continued to drop. Granted, I was still eating less than two-thousand calories a day, but not religiously less. And I certainly indulged in many bowls of french fries at the various fall fairs. So now, I'm down in the one-sixties, and I'm not really 100% sure why. Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your skin is kinda draped over your shoulders, like a cloak? I never had until yesterday.

Hopefully, with another round of P90X imminent, I can ramp up the calories and start adding muscle back to fill things out a bit. Here's to good health! Cheers.