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SeattleRoom1You know how when you check into your hotel room, it's never as big/roomy/deluxe as the picture?

"It said 'Mini-Kitchen,'" one exclaims. "Since when does 'Mini-Kitchen' equal a one-cup coffee maker on the room's only table?"

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice enough room. It's just not nearly as super-extra-cool as the website purports. One nice thing: it's right down the street from the University of Washington, which means you have plenty of opportunity to watch gloomy Seattle college students trudging up the street under the load of enormous backpacks. Good times.

SeattleRoom2Well, regardless of whether you like the size & fanciness of your room, one thing you probably don't expect is that the managemet has corralled a herd of angry buffalo directly above your room. I'm pretty sure that's what the occupants of room 113 thought today. 

I checked into room 213, and I did what anyone would:

  1. I carefully unpacked my clothes.
  2. I took inventory of what was ready-to-wear, and what needed ironing after the trip.
  3. I read about the local amenities.
  4. I moved some furniture around.
  5. I did sixty minutes of Plyometrics (which is high-intensity jump training).

Turns out that the floors are not quite as thick and soundproof as I thought. With each jump, the floor squeaked and squealed. With each landing, I could hear the echoing thud in the room below me. You're supposed to try to land as softly as possible, so it's good that I was aware of the noise & trying to be quiet. But once I started really sweating (another great thing to do in your hotel room), I started to care less and less about the people below.

SeattleRoom3At first, I was distracted by the mirror directly behind me, but it turned out to be fun. I noticed some parts of the workout where my form was really lazy and sloppy. Perhaps I'll put mirrors up all over my house.

Oh, and I should mention, some people (Celeste) have been asking why I came out to Seattle this weekend.