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Today we began P90X2. It's the sequel to the popular P90X exercise regime. In the first version, Phase 1 starts with a strength day. In the sequel, Phase 1 is all about core strengthening, so the first day is just Core.

apple-coreWarmup – instead of just static and ballistic stretches, you do this whole thing with a stability ball and roller. You don't spend enough time to really do these stretches. A person could spend an entire hour on this section just to really work some issues out. It's self-inflicted Rolfing, and it's painful, but you're not going to get it done in 6 minutes.

The workout starts slow, but hard. You're always balancing, always stretching. These moves are not about isolation, they're about integration. In the first P90X, each move would target one or two muscles and you'd work it hard. In this program, you're always on one leg, or propped up on a stability ball, or gripping a medicine ball. It's an hour's worth of just trying to stay upright. Even when you think you've got the hang of a move, you look up at the screen and realize that you're only doing it half right.

By the end I'd burned 650 calories and I could hardly catch my breath. I don't feel like I really thoroughly worked any one muscle, but I suspect that I'll be sore in some interesting new places two days from now.