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It turns out that passing out is easy; Plyocide is hard. Tom said it's just because Plyocide is new – we'll get used to it – but I'm not so sure. Sure, the original Plyometrics seemed really difficult when I started, and now it seems pretty straightforward, but this workout made me gasp and gulp for air.

P90X2PlyocideThe warmup is a big chunk of time. Like the Core on day 1, you begin with stretches and self-massage with the foam roller. He once again implores you to pause and do the stretches for real. They certainly don't give you much time with any one body part. So, even though you've spent ten minutes, it didn't feel like I'd really done justice to the foam roller technique.

When the workout starts, you know it right away. I struggled in the first set of moves. Everything is new – you won't see any of the exercises from the first version of Plyometrics. These moves make you react fast and stay on your toes. My peak heartrate topped out at 183 BPM, which is a little higher than I'd like. In fact, according to many popular estimations, it's higher than the theoretical maximum number of times my heart should beat in a given minute. You get plenty of water breaks (four, I think), but they're short, and there are many times where the back-to-back exercises left me light-headed. 

At the end, I'd burned over 800 calories. I just checked back through my diary, and that makes it the most number of calories I've burned in an hour in the past year. Hopefully, by the end of P90X2 I'll be as comfortable with Plyocide as I am with the original Plyometrics.