P90X2TotalBodyCurls are so boring, right? You grab the heaviest weights you can manage, you keep your elbow in one position, hold your body steady, power that weight to your shoulder, and then lower it deliberately. What a terrible workout. Fortunately, Tony Horton has figured out a clever remedy for those boring biceps workouts. You simply stand on one leg and lean forward until your torso and lifted leg are both parallel to the ground. Then do the curl. 

This is called "Warrior 3 Curl," and it's the sixth move on the P90X2 Total Body DVD. With this video you get to modify many of your favorite moves. Tired of doing Push-Up Side Arm Balance? Why not do those push-ups with your hands on top of medicine balls?

Warrior3Yes, you get some amount of a strength workout with this video, but it's more of a balance workout than anything else. At the end of the Triceps Kickback on Stability Ball, I felt more work in my abductors and obliques than in my arms. It's hard work though, and the name of the workout is quite accurate.



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