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SnowRunToday I enjoyed my first barefoot run of 2012. I also enjoyed my last barefoot run of the 2011/12 winter. I didn't mind the big chunks of ice-melt salt on the trail. In fact, I didn't even feel it. As you might have guessed, I didn't feel much of anything in my feet after the first minute. 

Walking to the car, the temperature felt pleasant. Today got to about 38° -- warm enough to melt most of the snow on the hillside next to the trail. Unfortunately, all that runoff from the melting snow left the pavement extremely wet. Splashing through that runoff made the dry parts of the trail feel like paradise. Right after a quarter mile of puddles I got to my turn-around point and had to splash back through. Ugh.

I had fun though. It's good to get out. Depending on how much snow we get in the next few weeks, I might even consider getting shoes!

One note about the picture on the left -- I took that pic after my run. If you look closely, you'll see the toes on my left foot are curled under. It took about an hour before I could straighten them out. I can't wait for summer.