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PretzelI've heard that a lot of people complaind about P90X yoga. In fact, I heard that from Tony Horton. I never complained; I found it indispensible. If I've got a cranky knee or a sore shoulder, an hour's worth of yoga can usually fix me right up. Perhaps P90X people don't gravitate to yoga because they're looking for a more aerobic workout. With yoga, you're really responsible for showing up with the intensity. It's not like you can write down a weight and then try to beat that next time. You're only going to burn calories if you challenge yourself to deeper lunges and twistier twists.

The biggest difference between classic P90X yoga, and the yoga you'll find in P90X2 is the duration. The classic ran over ninety minutes; the new one only takes a little over an hour. It's not like they cut a bunch of stuff out, though. Sure, they replaced a couple of moves, but mostly they just sped everything up. Actually, it seems a little too fast. You get zero time for the transitions, and Tony keeps his mouth shut. I ended up looking at the screen an awful lot, just to figure out what I should be doing. A couple of the sequences are notably harder – think you spent a lot of time on one leg before? P90X2 significantly increases the amount of time you'll need to balance on one leg.

You still get a good chunk of abdominal exercises at the end. They're all new moves, which keeps things interesting. Overall I think they could have made this video harder. Another thirty minutes of sweating would have been welcome.