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cat_burpeeI've learned to hate the word "Burpee." As far as I can figure, it has something to do with dropping to your hands and kicking back your legs so you can do some pushups before jumping back to your feet. There's no amount of cardio fitness that makes these any easier. In the classic P90X, your Burpee exposure is limited to "Prison Cell Pushups." In this new version you'll find many flavors, including the "Dumbbell Super Burpee" in this routine.

You'll find a lot of hard moves in this video, but not a lot of weights. Sticking with the theme of strengthening the core, these moves challenege you to defy gravity without breaking your wrists and ankles. 

In the original P90X, you start out the ninety-one days faking it – just flailing your way through the videos doing your best. After a while, you graduate to working hard but cheating here and there to make it through to the end. Hopefully, before you get to the end of the plan, you've developed enough proficiency to really maximize your efforts. That's when it really feels like you're making progress. Some of the moves in this video seem so complex and difficult that I'm not sure I'll reach proficiency by the end of the first phase. On the other hand, it's a really tough workout and all that work has to be doing my core some good.