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coreThe second week of P90X2 is the same as the first. That means Core, Plyo, Recovery, Total Body, Yoga, and Balance & Power. It's a good week that features more core and balance than weightlifting to build strength. The philosophy is that you're building up your base and you'll be adding the showy muscles later. Before I started, I figured that I already had all the core muscles I needed. After all, shouldn't I have built up my base last year when I did the classic P90X? 

Despite increasing my reps and weights this week, I burned way less calories. On average, the week two workouts clocked in at about 80% of the calorie burn from week one. That's not surprising – less confusion and frustration made everything seem a little easier. 

You're supposed to continue on Phase One for three to six weeks. Then you do a week of recovery before moving on to Phase Two. I'm torn. On one hand, I'd like to keep going with core until I've mastered all of these moves. On the other hand, I'm anxious to get back to some serious strength training. The results of weightlifting are more tangible because you're recording weights and reps for everything, not just a few things. I guess I'm leaning towards moving on. I can always come back and do Phase One again when I'm all done.