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This is day 88 for me on P90X. I haven't missed a workout so far, and all I have left is StretchX, Core Synergistics, YogaX, and StretchX again. You might notice that although it's called P90X, it's actually a 91 day plan. That makes it an even 13 weeks, so it makes sense.

I don't have anything bad to say about the program. It's challenging. Even the days that seem like they shouldn't be that hard are still difficult. It makes me sweat just as much as biking ever does. I've lost about ten pounds, but that was mostly in the first month. Even after the weight-loss stopped, my waist continued to shrink, so I believe that I've added some weight in muscle.p90x

When you're doing the resistance days (the lifting days), you write everything down so you can track your progress. With those logs, it's easy to see the changes in your ability. On day 5 (this was back on March 27) I did Legs & Back for the first time. On the calf raise exercise, I held 14 pounds in each hand as Tony showed me how to do the 75 lifts. That was really hard. When I got up the next morning, walking was just a tiny bit outside the scope of my capabilities. I stretched next to my bed for several minutes in order to move around enough to complete my morning chores.  After a nice drive in to work, in the same position for thirty five minutes, my legs had stiffened into nice right angles. I had to prop myself on the railings just to get down the stairs at the parking garage.

This past Sunday (day 82), I did the same calf raises with 40 pounds in each hand and I barely felt it. I would move up in weight, but the lifting takes almost three minutes and my hands give way from holding the dumbbells that long. I might need to get some lifting straps to keep moving up with this exercise, but I think that my hands/wrists/forearms will strengthen more too.

It does feel like one thing is missing though. The program doesn't really have an ending. You have 12 videos that you do in different combinations and orders. The first three weeks are just like the ninth and eleventh week. The last week is just like the fourth and eighth week. There's some repitition, but it changes enough that I didn't mind. But for the last few weeks I've been envisioning the last day, and I think, "What's he going to say?" After that last StretchX, on day 91, what's Tony going to tell me at the end of the video. Nothing, of course, he'll say the same thing he always says at the end of StretchX: "Nice work. See ya next time."

But I've finished the program, shouldn't he give me some kind of pep talk? Shouldn't Tony tell me all about how I can come back and do it all again, to live a healthier, more "Bringing It" life every single day? It's just hard to believe that Tony wouldn't have a special message at the end for everyone who has toughed it out for 91 days.

So I guess I do have something bad to say about it. It needs an ending. Not that I'm planning to stop – I've got round two queued up and ready to go. But it would be nice to have the milestone acknowledged.