As you work your way through P90X the second time, spend the extra effort to seek out these little bonus moments. A lot of people incorrectly assume that they're mistakes in the videos. They're actually tiny presents to you, for you to discover and cherish as you sweat all over them. I'll catalogue some of them here to get you started.

  1. Ab Ripper X / It's a Numbers Game... Pfeiffer Scissors are awesome. All you have to do is lie on your back, hold one leg straight up, hold the other leg an inch from the floor, and CHANGE WHEN YOU HEAR THE NUMBER ONLY. They're simple instructions that he repeats after the third repetition – "Don't change without the number." You might have a small problem when you get to seventeen, since he refuses to SAY THE NUMBER. On fourteen they had the courtesy to overdub. Tony's voice comes in and says, "Fourteen," without his lips moving. Bonus!
  2. Ab Ripper X / Magic Knees... Near the end you have a choice between Upward Dog or Cobra pose to stretch your stomach. As he describes it, you can do, "Upward Dog – knees on; Cobra – knees down." You might wonder, if Cobra is knees down, then what is the "on" in Upward Dog? The answer should be obvious. If you want to do Upward Dog, you should put your knees "on" the air just above your mat. Bonus!
  3. Legs & Back / Stretchy Shawna... During the stretches, you often get to meet Shawna-Backthe participants. In "Legs & Back," you find out that Shawna's teeth look like Chiclets because she's studying to be a dentist. That seems like an insult; shouldn't really good looking teeth look like ... teeth? What kind of terrible dentist would make your teeth look like gum? Doesn't gum promote tooth decay? Is she studying to be the one dentist out of five that doesn't recommend Trident? Anyway, you get two nice camera angles during this conversation and they switch back and forth. Shawna-FrontWhen seen from her right, Shawna's arms are behind her back. When seen a second later from her left, her arms have migrated to the front. This is NOT disingenuous editing. In fact, Shawna is so stretchy, that she actually stretches her arms enough for them to pop through from the back to the front. Bonus!
  4. Legs & Back / Trust Us... Everyone knows that math is hard. One of the great things about P90X is that you don't have to pay attention to the math on most of the exercises. Tony counts for you, so you can just sweat. When you're doing twenty reps of something hard, like "Sneaky Lunges," the last thing you want to do is to waste any mental capacity on counting. You'll be busy doing several other things: staying on the balls of your feet; trying to get the timing right when Tony stops telling you what to do; leaning forward without resting your whole rib-cage on your thigh; and "adding the arms." It may feel like a betrayal when you realize that Tony has told you repeatedly to do twenty of these lunges, and then he coaches you through twenty-two. Think of it this way: ten percent extra, FREE with the box set! Bonus!
  5. Core Synergistics / Recovery Disambiguation... The word "recovery" can mean a lot of different things. In P90X, there's one thing it certainly DOESN'T mean: rest. Recovery week in P90X is a brand new opportunity to get your butt kicked by several workouts. Two of the days in recovery week are dedicated to Core Synergistics, which means "Of (or relating to) exercising your core so hard that your entire body weeps." A lot of people misinterpret this weeping to be sweat. Those same people also misinterpret "core" to mean "the area around your trunk and pelvis." In P90X, working the core means: A) Several types of bizarre pushups; B) Weight-bearing lunges; C) Table Dip / Leg Raise; D) Low Lateral Skaters; and more; and more. The first time you do Recovery Week you'll be tempted to think that there's been some kind of mistake. Just don't plan on recovering anything except a new found appreciation for Advil. Bonus!
  6. Core Synergistics / Think Fast... Do me a favor? Say this phrase as fast as you absolutely can: "Mini-break, break's over." Did you say it in less than a second? Did you leave any audible gap between the "k" (in break) and the "b" (in break's)? If the answer is yes, please try again. If you can make "breakbreak's" sound like one word, then you've recreated what Tony says in "Lunge-Kickback-Curl-Press" at about 1:04 left. This is a three minute, nineteen second exercise. I think it's generous of Tony to give everyone a microsecond mini-break before going on to the next lunge. Bonus!
  7. Core Synergistics / How insulting... Twice during the Core Synergistics routine, Tony reminds you to keep your core muscles "taunt." During the lunge and reach he says, "Keep them slightly taunt. That is the key." We know from other videos that Tony has a problem with conjugations and verb agreement. He says things like "It's all about, what? Doing your best, and forget the rest." So, perhaps he means for your to keep your core muscles slight taunted. It's fun to ridicule your muscles while you work them, try it! Bonus!
  8. Kenpo X / Broke... If you're like me, you love the breaks in Kenpo X. There's no better way to take a break from aerobic exercise than to jog in place, jump rope, jump jacks, and then execute "X-style" jumping jacks. Those "X-style" ones are the ones where you jump completely off the ground and make your body into a big X. Very complicated if you're battling to keep your heartrate under 200 bpm. Tony does give you a break from the break though. After the second set of Kenpo X moves, he says you're going to do ten X jacks, but then after number five he says "three more." It's almost comforting to realize that they didn't correct this mistake. It would have been easy to edit in a repeat of two of them to round out the ten, but instead, they leave it at eight. For me, it strengthens the illusion that the video was done in one take. Bonus!
  9. Yoga X / Simon Didn't Say... There's a great moment before the first Runner's Pose of Yoga X. SimonDidntSayEveryone has a leg up in the air for quite a while before Tony notices. He kinda suggests that they swing their leg through to Runner's Pose, but he wasn't really clear. I love to watch them – everyone's got their downward-dog on, they've got their right leg in their air, seconds pass, then tens of seconds, Tony's yammering on about something. Meanwhile, at home, you've realized quite a while ago that you should be in Runner's Pose, so you're just watching the screen with a big smile. Even Adam (the dancer; the wildman; the guy with 0.5% bodyfat) is starting to waiver a little before Tony turns around and sees that the "kids" haven't caught on yet. If you're looking for a little extra challenge in your Yoga X, see if you can make it to the kitchen and back (for a low fat treat, perhaps) before Tony relents and lets his "peeps" swing their legs through. Bonus!
  10. Yoga X / Balance and Trickery... After thirty minutes of doing the same thing over and over, it's easy to shut off your brain and fall into the pattern. That's why after raising a leg and swinging it through a dozen times, Tony says "We're going to do something a little special," before he has you "exhale the knee to the forehead." This is during a downward dog, of course. Notice he doesn't say your knee; he says the knee. It would be absurd for you to somehow "exhale" your own knee to your forehead during downward dog. On a good day, I'm lucky if I can exhale a knee at all, let alone to my own forehead. That's not even the weirdest part about this exercise. If, at thirty minutes in, you're somehow alert enough to pay attention, you'll see that you'll do the right side three times, and the left only twice. It even sounds like there's a rough edit here, but the countdown clock moves seamlessly, so I'm sure it's not just a problem with the DVD. You can use that extra time you would have spent on the third knee to the forehead to think about what you can't afford (calorie-wise) to have for lunch. Bonus!

Well, I'm sure you've found plenty of other "bonus" moments, but those are my top ten. If yours isn't listed here, write it in below. Bonus!


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