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P90XSmoking1Tony mentions smoking twice in P90X. Both times he's doing some sort of squats. The first mention is during Plyometrics, where he says something like "Dont' get too relaxed here; don't go smoke a cigarette." His hand is slightly out of frame when he says this (see the picture on the left), but trust me, he's miming a cigarette in his hand. 

P90XSmoking2The second mention is during the Legs & Back workout when you're doing the "Groucho Walk." To complete the Groucho Walk (see the picture on the right), you hold your hand up like you're smoking a cigar.

I think that Tony equates squatting with smoking. I imagine that Tony grew up in a very strict household with very dirty toiletseats. His one form of rebellion: Bathroom Smoking. But who could stand the thought of actually resting your buttocks on that sticky, smelly seat? Tony was doomed to hover over the seat, in an extended squat with the fan running full-speed and a cigarette blazing between his fingers. Now he shares his dirty bathroom obsession with people who just want to get a good workout.

squat-toilet-warningI'm glad that Tony has this weird smoking, bathrooming, squatting fettish. It makes for a really thorough quadriceps burn. It probably wouldn't be considered a good workout in most of the world though. Think of all the people in China who squat even lower than this every time they need to go. They'd laugh at Tony for only being able to squat for sixty seconds at a time. 

Actually, we should all be squatting to go "number two." Health problems attributed to sit-down toilets include hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease, and colon cancer. I read somewhere that Jimmy Carter hasn't sat on a toilet seat since the late 70's, when his excruciating hemorrhoids required surgery. I wish I could figure out where I read that. What the hell was I doing reading about Jimmy Carter's hemorrhoids?