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It's always good to learn new things. In fact, I learned a new word today. My word of the day is this:


Do you know what it means? I'll use it in a sentence: "You, sir, have an Inguinal hernia." This was, of course, not the news I'd hoped for. I went to the doctor because of the fancy new squishy lump in my lower abdomen, but I'd hoped that he would say something more like: "Congratulations! It seems you've won the fancy new squishy lump lottery! That lump entitles you to fifteen unsupervised minutes in our Squishy Lump Prize Closet®!"

InguinalHerniaAt that point, I thought I'd get to go home with an adorable jellyfish or something. Inguinal hernia wasn't even fourth on the list of things I'd hoped to get from P90X.

As you can tell, I'm blaming this all on P90X. Nevermind that 27% of men will get them1 (and I'm sure a far small percent of men do P90X); my hernia came from doing four workouts in one day: Cardio X; Plyometrics; Chest, Shoulders, and Tri; and the aptly named Ab Ripper X. It would be awesome to know if my abdomen actually ripped during Ab Ripper X. 

I'm including a medically accurate picture so you'll know what my hernia actually looks like. Don't worry, I've blurred out the dirty stuff.

It should have been obvious that I was headed for some sort of injury. For my second round of P90X I decided to do "doubles," where you add a cardio routine on all the strength days. The Thursday before my hernia, I decided to do Chest and Back, Plymetrics, Cardio, and Abs. By the end, I was a little sloppy. 

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