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The surgery went well, I think. They said to expect bruising and swelling – I didn't really have those. They said to expect pain – that was minimal on most days. They said to expect to be in the recovery room for about an hour – I was there for about four hours.hernia1

Just in case I forget next time, can someone remind me that I don't do well with general anesthesia? The same thing happened when I had my appendectomy. They examine me beforehand and judge that I will "do well" with general. I don't. I couldn't even keep my eyes open for a full minute until about six that night. In a way, it was awesome. Sleep is a wonderful gift when being awake makes it hard to breathe.

hernia2I have no reason to complain. Everything went great and I feel really good. Three weeks have passed since the procedure and they told me to wait three to four before getting back to exercise. I can hear Tony Horton (P90X guy) calling to me from the DVDs. He's been taking it easy on me, because he knew I was recuperating, but we all know that I'm going to have to Bring IT very soon. My plan is to start fresh on Wednesday.

HerniaIncisionsThe first time, I made it completely through P90X. The second time, I only got through six weeks of P90X before stopping for the injury. So, I'm just going to call this "Round 2" and forget about the failed round. Also, I'm starting this revision of "Round 2" thirty pounds lighter than I started the last round (more on that later). I'm hoping to figure out how to build lean weight this time, whereas before I was always fine with losing.