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I can feel my world starting to narrow, but in a good way. Today I went to the doctor, purchased emergency gasoline, and picked up 300 pounds of dog food. It was supposed to be 450 pounds of dog food. Apparently, Petco and I have differing opinions on the purpose of a "special order." To them, it just meant that they would give me whatever food they had when I came in. That means that I'll have to order the rest of the food through their website and have it delivered by UPS. I was trying to avoid giving the UPS driver a hernia, but c'est la vie.

I'm a little concerned that mice will get into the horse feed. My little horse could make it through the winter on hay alone, so it won't be a crisis, but I don't like the idea of subsidizing a million mice with all of my stockpiled food.

What's left to do? I'm still collecting some first aid supplies. I hadn't planned on it, but a friend suggested that it would suck to have a two-day headache while I waited for Amazon to deliver aspirin. That brings up an important topic--I'm still planning on buying things through Amazon on occasion. I buy dog bones through them, and other things, like soap. I have no intention of stopping that, but some people have objected. At least three people have suggested that I'm cheating if I don't try to survive on only the things I've stockpiled. That seems extreme. 

It's weird how a lot of people are concerned that I'm crazy for shutting myself in, and other people are angry that I'm not going far enough. A couple of months ago, I hadn't even thought of this experiment, and now everyone seems to have opinions on the right way to do it. 

Tonight I'm going to see Star Wars. It will be my last movie until spring. I hope it's good!