IMG 4244Today was my test run. I went out yesterday and bought the last of what I thought I might need. I got the last of my perishables, and picked up a couple of items from Home Depot for ongoing projects. As I relaxed for the evening, I found random cravings popping up. Wouldn't it be nice to have some Reddi-wip (Real Cream Whipped Topping)? I can't tell you the last time I bought Reddi-wip for myself. I took some (by request) to my brother's on Thanksgiving for his sweet potato pie, but for myself? 

Still, I thought about how easy it would be to get my hands on some. I'm not sure what I would do with it. 

I didn't really want the Reddi-wip. It was the notion of running out for something that I hadn't planned for. The world is full of impulse items, Reddi to consume. The solstice occurs at 11:49pm on Monday the 21st. Techically, I have twenty-four hours for any last-minute needs.

I think I'm going to experiment with hydroponics. I've been reading about how to grow lettuce indoors with a simple hydroponic setup. It seems like a fun diversion. The UPS guy brought the rest of the dog food today. This is the food that I tried to order through Petco, so the UPS guy wouldn't have to make a special trip to my house. Petco, of course, didn't understand the meaning of "order," or "food," or "customer," so they didn't actually have the food in stock when I went to pick it up.

I said to the driver, "I tried to order through Petco so you wouldn't have to deliver. They had less than three-hundred pounds when I went in. That's why I had to get another couple of hundred from you. Sorry about that!"

He didn't seem to care much about whether or not Petco fulfilled their part of the deal. He cocked his head at my story and looked perturbed/confused. Finally he asked, "What the hell are you feeding?" I hadn't told him that I was hoarding a three-month supply of food. This is information that I tend to keep to myself. I pointed at the window where my dogs were watching the transaction.

He looked at them and said, "Big dogs."

I gestured to the two-hundred pounds of food stacked on my porch and said, "This will last a week."


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