HangingDollI didn't leave the house today. I could have--solstice isn't until 11:49pm--but I didn't. Instead, I chose to stick to my routine. On a normal day, I like to get four things done. I write, I study Spanish, I exercise, and I work on some part of the house. I've been at this pattern for 669 days, not that anyone is counting.

I might shake up my schedule. I used to flip around my day every book or two, just to keep things interesting, but I've settled into a rut. It might be interesting to break up writing into two sessions. I wonder how that would alter my approach. I also had entire books that I wrote when I was listening to music. I haven't done that in quite a while either. 

No interesting revelations yet. I haven't discovered any fundamental insights into the human condition. I'm working on a series of books right now. I want to have at least two done before I release the first, so I won't have anything to show for it until January. Initially, I thought I would put out the first in December, but there's no need to rush it. I think everyone is busy with friends and family this time of year. January is typically a slow mony for me. Maybe I can spice it up with a release. After that, who knows. It would be great to get back to putting out a book each month. That gives me a concrete schedule to stick to. 


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