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ShavedHeadAnother great day of reclusion. My brother was here for a while yesterday, making a bench down in my shop, and friends came over for dinner tonight. So it has felt like a full house for the past couple of days. Definitely not lonely at all. And with the holidays coming up, I'm definitely not going to feel isolated here. 

I shaved my head. I figured I won't be able to get haircuts, so I might as well maintain my own hair by cutting it all off. It's not my first time. It definitely gives me a there-are-many-like-it-but-this-one-is-mine look. That's okay. I promise not to hide any donuts in my footlocker.

I got some of my hydroponic gear in the mail today. I should start germinating my lettuce any day. 

I was watching some TV show while I biked today and one of the main characters had to take a second job. It kept him up all night working. The idea evoked fond memories for me. I've had jobs where working all night was a requirement. That level of fatigue really makes me feel like I've accomplished something. It occurred to me that I could force myself to work through the night, just to see how that goes. I wrote a couple of books late at night. In fact, I've woken up a few times and had to delete the gibberish that my sleeping fingers had tapped out. There's something fun about that. In fact, I could brew a pot of coffee and start right now!

I think I'll watch a movie and go to bed instead. My father is supposed to come tomorrow. I wouldn't want to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.