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ClownWe had a good day today. My dog is feeling better. He's still a little delicate, but hopefully he will have a few days off from the insanity. Friends came over for food and football. I think I've only been alone one day since the beginning of the Reclusion. I suppose I can blame it on the time of year. The house will probably look different in the middle of February. The days are getting longer, but somehow the shortest days always end up in the middle of that short month.

I've got too much to write at the moment. A couple of strong ideas are swirling in my head. I'm excited about all of them and want to write them, but it has been a long time since I tried two novels at the same time. It's not impossible, but I wouldn't dive into that endeavor again without a really good reason. And right now I'm committed to finishing the series that I'm working on.

I'm debating if I should make The Hunting Tree permanently free. That approach has worked really well for Extinct. In the second half of this year, more than 10,000 people have downloaded it. A decent percentage of those people went on to purchase Instinct. Right now, the sales of Instinct each month are more than Extinct/Instinct were making combined (back when Extinct cost money). I have enough data to conclude that the experiment is a success. I'm not sure that The Hunting Tree will have the same luck though. The title and cover of The Hunting Tree aren't as compelling as Extinct. And the sequel (Blood Ghost) has never done much business. I suppose that there's no harm in giving it a shot.

I got lost in a show called "Making a Murderer" for about a day. That's all the time it took to watch all the episodes. The scope and depth of that documentary is amazing. 

Although I'm on a virtual island here, I'm somewhat affected by the holidays. None of the normal shows are on TV. Podcast schedules are erratic. Food is everywhere. It makes me feel like I have a certain flexibility when it comes to sticking to my routine. I don't like that. I prefer a routine. When I was a kid, as much as I hated school, some part of me relaxed when it started again after a break. It was a joyless prison, but I understood the dimensions of it.

If you took a smart but uneducated eighteen-year-old, how long would it take to teach them everything they would have learned in school? Do we waste a lot of hours trying to pound concepts into little brains that aren't yet equipped to accept the information? I'm thinking about that show. Present me a documentary about an interesting subject, and I can learn it inside and out within two days. I could have sat through three months of a "Making a Murderer" course in school and I would have retained nothing from it. I wonder if the Prussian education model that we still use is not just designed to create busy work for mischevious little hands.

I won't wait until the New Year to make sure that my own mischevious hands make the best of my time. I'll be right back at it tomorrow, and I'll try to maintian my routine. The house will be empty once again and hopefully I will have had a full night's sleep. Good night for now.