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CarOnRoadI had a panic moment today--dog licenses! I have to renew in January or else animal control gets really testy. I finally found the form online. The crisis was averted, or at least it will be on the first. I'm definintely not getting as much done as I thought I would. Or maybe I'm getting the wrong things done. I spent a while today cleaning up my office. I installed a towel bar in the bathroom. I finally replaced one of the outlets that has been bothering me. These little tasks don't feel like the kind of thing I should be focusing on. It feels like I'm getting ready for something that's about to happen. 

Nothing is going to happen.

My sleep was troubled last night. I dreamt only about things that had actually happened to me during the day. I watched "Bob's Burgers." I installed a water filter in the laundry room. I drank a cup of coffee. Those things happened both during the day and in my dreams. Each time I woke up, I realized that I was more and more bored by my dreams. I'm going to have to find a way to expose myself to new sights and sounds.

Speaking of which, one interesting thing happened tonight. I was walking through the house when I saw a car's brake lights come on. As I looked through the window, I saw what the car's headlights saw--someone had pulled out to the end of their driveway and stopped. The stopped car had no lights on. The car on the road came to a stop and turned on its hazard lights. My mind raced. What did they see? I thought maybe the driver of the stopped car had spilled halfway out the driver's seat and was unconscious in the snow.

The driver with the hazard lights got out with a flashlight and rounded thier car. This action was taking place just beyond the corner of my property, so I could barely see what was happening from my vantage point. As I watched, the driver investigated the stopped car. After that, they got back into their car and sat. I don't know what they're doing now. They could have called the police or an ambulance. I have no way of knowing what they found.

So now I'm waiting to see what happens. Maybe I'll dream up an interesting ending tonight.