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madnephthumbI released "Madelyn's Nephew" yesterday. I took a chance sending it out to the mailing list on a Wednesday. I'm not sure that's going to pan out. I usually go for Thursday or Friday. I figured I should vary the day to see if it made a difference. Who knows--maybe some people will check their email in the next couple of days and the percentage will go up. I sold some copies, and given some away. It will be weeks before I know whether or not it's a success. Regardless, I like Madelyn and it has been fun writing about her. 

Last year, I had a lot of fun with abduction and the threat of technology. People were disappearing in caves and cornfields. Quadcopters and killer robots patrolled the landscape. 

This year, at least the first half of this year, I've got a lot of books about human bonds. I've written a lot about friendship, love, and the loss of both. Don't get me wrong--these books aren't soft. There's some serious stuff going on. But the relationships in my books last year were mainly fixed. People dealt without outside threats. This year, some of the threats are more personal.

I'm putting the final touches on "Madelyn's Mistake," the second book of that series. It will come out in about 10 weeks. Then I'll write the final Madelyn book. I seem to do the same thing every winter. I write one big epic. This year I've been a little smarter. I've envisioned my epic in three distinct stories. The one from last year and the year before were immediately tossed in the bottom of a deep drawer. It will take a ton of work to make them even slightly presentable, and I don't currently believe in them enough to spend the effort. I'm excited for what will come after Madelyn. I currently don't have a clue what it will be, but I have a thick folder of ideas to choose from. My favorite technique is to take the two best ideas I can find and try to make them work together. 

I have a few days here where my primary task is to come up with a name for February's book. While I'm at it, I should name the book I have picked out for April. If there's any real struggle to what I do, it's that. Naming is the hardest part. I'll talk to my sister. She has come up with some good ones in the past. 

Today marks the end of my first month in captivity. I have enough data to make one projection: I believe I stocked enough food to last at least a year.