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SnowCamI spent a lot of the day watching traffic cameras from Virginia, and waiting for the snow to start. It was great fun. I love those "found footage" movies, like Paranormal Activity, where we get to spend long periods of time watching empty rooms. This was like that, but with traffic and no demons.

Once the snow started, it got really interesting. I tracked my sister as she drove home from our mother's house. I watched tonight as she took my nephew out to play in the snow. My nephew said, "This is how we FaceTime now." The drivers down there are being safe and staying home. The roads are mostly empty. There are some good, eerie shots to stare into.

Yesterday, looking out my side window, I saw a tiny mouse face push out from the snow into the walkway I had shoveled. As soon as it discovered that there was no more snow to burrow through, the mouse pulled back. A second later, I saw the same little mouse face push through about a foot away. After it had disappeared, it occurred to me to take a video. This morning, I saw no mouse, but there were paw prints from a cat. It must have sat for a bit on my porch and then walked away. I didn't see any prints over near the mouse hole, or any blood on the snow. It wasn't a circle of life, but two non-intersecting lines. 

If you're thinking that I'm getting a little desperate for entertainment, you may be right.