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LettuceI've been caught in a lot of circular dreams lately. Last night, it was about the characters of the book I'm going to publish in February. The book is called "Post Grace," and it's pretty personal for me. In the dream, I kept going round and round about events that never happened for the people. I kept thinking, "I have to take that part out. It's too hokey for the rest of the book." But I can't take it out because I never put it in.


I have been focusing pretty hard on that book, trying to get it ready early. I'm concerned about March's book, and eager to switch over to that. Also, I know that April's book needs a new third act, so the sooner I get to that, the better. This is why my dreams are messed up. Some part of me is trying to turn this whole writing thing into a job, and it just doesn't work that way.

I mean, come on, writing is absurd. I make up these stories and then people read them. By the time I'm a few chapters in, I care deeply about these words that I've put down on the page. Just seeing the name of one of my characters either warms or cools my heart. I'm physically and emotionally affected by reading a made up name for a made up character because I've watched them go through made up strife. It's absurd.

And them I'm thrilled when other people enjoy these made up things. Absurd.

And then I get so caught up with the made up schedule that I've assigned to the release of these made up stories, that I have dreams about it? Absurd.

And yet, as crazy as it is, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. 

Oh, also, my lettuce is coming along nicely!