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LockpicksThere's so much going on, I don't know where to start! 

First, let me thank my friend Dave, who introduced me to a new hobby. I opened a surprise gift a couple of weeks ago and discovered a lockpick set with a transparent lock. through the clear plastic, you can see the tumblers and understand how the lock works. It's really fascinating. With a little practice, that first lock became simple. I've graduated to door locks. In Maine, it's perfectly legal to own a set of lockpicks. The police must prove intent before they can arrest you for having them. I won't be taking my picks to Virginia though. In that state, you're guilty for even owning them. 

It's amazing how simple most locks are. Of course another friend brought by a padlock that proved impossible (for now). I might have to go back and read "The Lock Artist" again. That was a great story about a kid who starts off picking simple locks. 

Then, as if that weren't enough excitement to last a month, we had a fugitive hunt!

It all started with a number of unmarked cars parked across the road in the driveway of a neighbor. With all the lights off in the dining room, I crouched in front of the window so I could watch. I wasn't sure what they were up to. Part of me believed that the cars belonged to thugs who were there to abduct the young man who lives there. One of the cars left and went up the road. Minutes later, two people with flashlights and a dog on a long lead came back on foot. They were police! I watched through the side door as they searched my neighbor's yard. When I tried to call to them, Finn decided to bark and they didn't hear me.

I jumped on the phone and contacted my neighbor. I'll keep the identities private, but they were searching for the young man, who was accused of drunk driving and striking a police car with a stick. Later, the police and dog searched my yard as well. I was a little disappointed that my horse was in the barn. He would have loved that. There's nothing he likes more than bothering unsuspecting strangers who wander into his pasture. Then again, they might have shot him.

The police searched for hours. I've learned that the young man went to jail later that night.

I'm sad for the young man's troubles, but I had a great time. One more month left! I don't think I'll have another week as interesting as this one though.