BigSaladMy countdown continues--twelve days left. I can't think of another time when I went three months without driving or riding in a car. I grew up in the suburbs. I'm sure I went to the grocery store with my mom as an infant. Even our babysitter was a car ride away. I bet I've never, in my entire life, spent three months in an area this small. Weird.

I passed my two-year Spanish anniversary. I've been using DuoLingo for 748 days straight. According to their metrics, I'm 56% fluent. I finished all their lessons forever ago. I clearly need to find another way to increase my fluency.

It feels like spring outside. Actually, to be completely fair, spring usually isn't this nice in Maine. It's 50° outside. A lot of times at the end of March it's 20° and we have two feet of snow on the ground. I might go outside this afternoon and start digging--that's how nice it is.

There's really not much to report, reclusion-wise. I had my last yogurt today. I could have frozen a few more pounds of that, along with some more frozen fruit. No worries, I still have two frozen quiches that I can have for breakfast. All my other food stores have held up well. I'll be excited to have fresh fruit again, and tomatoes. I probably should have grown hydroponic tomatoes, but I can tackle that project another time. 

I don't like to feel that I'm killing time, waiting for something, and that's the way I feel right now. I'm looking forward to the end of the reclusion only so that I won't be looking forward to it anymore. I prefer to think that I'm optimizing every day instead of letting it slip by. But, once the reclusion is over, I'm sure I will focus on something else. There are plenty of events this summer to anticipate. I suppose I better start planning.



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