There's a reason that nobody is vegan – it's too hard.

But I'm starting to think that there are a bunch of reasons why people should eat vegan most of the time. 

  1. The_china_studyHealth: I recently watched Forks Over Knives on Netflix (it's available to watch instantly). They talk a bunch about The China Study, and by the end it's pretty easy to believe that animal proteins aren't helping anyone. Our bodies are complex, hard to understand, delicate machines. So, of course, there are a million theories as to why they don't work as well as everything thinks they should. But, because of the complexity, many of these theories that seem to contradict each other might simultaneously be correct. Assuming you get the right balance of carbs, fat, and proteins, is there a reason you shouldn't skew towards unprocessed, plant-based nutrition? At least you'll finally be getting all the fiber your doctor thinks is so important.
  2. ForksOverKnivesMorality: My dogs and horses are no less part of my family than any human being. I know you've evolved to be carnivorous, but aren't there plenty of other instincts you've suppressed because you want to be a member of society? So why is it okay to raise animals to kill, or raise animals to enslave for milk and eggs? This sounds like I'm passing judgement; I'm really not. I don't have a moral objection of my own. I've certainly heard objections from other people though. Like I said, my animal friends are part of my family, but I don't care that much if two people on the other side of the world kill each other, and it doesn't bother me if a lion eats a zebra or an Australian eats a kangaroo. The moral argument makes me wonder though – do you have a moral objection that you're not acting on?
  3. Nausea: I guess this reason doesn't apply to a lot of people. I used to eat a lot of meat – probably more than my share and your share put together. Something happened though, and I had to stop. A strong aversion to meat started with me when I began having symptoms of an appendicitis. I gave up meat several months before I had to get my appendectomy. In fact, I read about meat aversion in one of the pamphlets at the hospital and thought, "Oh! I have that!" But now, it seems so obvious. Why aren't more people disgusted by meat? It's really hard for me to understand now. 

Anyway, your mom told me about vegans, and I thought you should know.



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