First, kudos to your mom for being so aware of the latest trends. This week she should have told you about You listen to music on your computer, right? While you work? C'mon, everybody does, it's okay. Well, Abe has come up with a great way to listen socially. With ListeningRoom you create a room and then upload your own music. After you get a nice selection of trax up there, send your link to your friends. Guests are totally allowed; you don't have to go create yet another login if you don't want to. In fact, if you don't sign in, it creates a name for you.

Once you're connected (either by creating a room, or joining one in progress), you can upload mp3's from your library. If multiple people are contributing, the site alternates by playing a song from one person and then another. This is a great opportunity to sort your iTunes by "Time" so you can guarantee a lot of time for your own stuff. I like to add "A Passion Play" by Jethro Tull, which clocks in at 44:58. Rush and Yes also have some great 20 minute toe-tappers.

As your song plays away you can watch as David U. Libby frantically uploads all of his Scandinavian-emo-waif songs in the hopes that one of them will get played this hour (it won't). There are a couple of rules: you can't play more than two tracks in a row from the same album, or three in the same hour. Something like that, anyway, I wasn't really paying attention. You can figure out the rules for yourself as you play around with it. Unlike some things, it's fun on its own, but best when with others.

Anyway, your mom told me about that and I thought you should know. By the way: say hi to your mother for me.


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