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Bruno-confused-smallForgive me, I know it has been forever since I've written a blog post. I've been working on publishing Migrators, and trying to sell Migrators, and failing to sell Migrators. It was the first book I put out in paperback, which was a fun learning experience. I need to sell about twenty times more paper copies before that learning experience turns a profit, so it's a good thing it was fun.

The book I'm writing now is long. It's also quite long (at least in terms of length, of which it has much). The plot is full of holes, the concepts drift and evolve, and it has so many characters that I have to keep paging back to remember who's talking. This may end up being one of those books that goes into deep storage for awhile until I can get a fresh perspective on it. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, because I'm building new skills, but I wouldn't call it the most productive period of my writing career.

The book I'm currently editing used to be in the same boat. It's also a long book, and it's also a book which doesn't precisely fit my genre. It was a tough book to write, but now that I'm reading it again, I'm glad I spent that time. Maybe I'll eventually look back on my current book with the same fondness. Who knows.

The book I'm editing had a working title of Constantine. I haven't settled on the final title yet. I have a couple more rewrites to do, but I hope to put it out by the end of April. For Constantine I learned about lots of fun things:

Some say you should write about what you know. Others say you should write about what interests you. I guess I lean towards the latter. Regardless of what I'm writing, I refuse to think of it as a job. I'm steadfast in my insistance that I don't have a job. As me what I do, and I'll tell you I'm a writer. Ask me about my job, and I'll tell you I don't have one. I really don't. For me, writing is entertainment. Sometimes I struggle with what's going to happen next, but it's always fascinating to me in the end. One of the characters will do or say something I don't expect and then the whole day is brightened. 

This was a good break, thank you. I didn't really say anything, but I think I gave things time to settle. I'm back to working on the long, long, long book that I might never do anything with. After that, I'll get back to Constantine, which used to be the long, long, long book that I planned to never publish. It should be out at the end of April.

By the way, the picture is my dog Bruno. He's clearly confused by some question. Look for him in my Twitter feed.