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Digging0The most extraordinary thing just happened. You have to picture the setting. I was in outside in the yard at 10pm. This is the yard on the north side of my house. We're supposed to get a nor'easter overnight. In fact, it's already started. The wind was whistling through the trees and blowing light snow flurries through the beam of my headlamp. I was digging.

I was digging because the nor'easter is coming, and I wanted to have my hole dug before the storm comes and makes the earth too soggy to move. I was outside in this miserable weather in the pitch black because it would just be more miserable and blacker tomorrow night. I need to dig my hole before Friday. That's when the septic guy comes to pump the tank. 

He already visited last Friday. After an hour of messing around, trying to find the lid of the tank, he gave up. He suggested that he could come back in a week with better equipment, but if I wanted to save time & money, I should try to locate the lid of the tank myself. I'm all about saving money, but somehow I didn't get around to digging until tonight.

So, there I was, tossing the dirt over my shoulder and occasionally doubling over with a lung-racking cough. In the middle of the night. With the snow swirling through my headlamp. The wind making the trees creak and moan.Digging1

I was standing in my hole, looking for the pipe that would lead to the tank. That's when my right foot plunged through. I know what you're thinking, but I didn't find the septic tank. I found a cavern a few feet under the surface of my yard. The top of it was partially covered by a big flat rock and my foot broke through just to the side of the rock.

I bent down and moved my light from side to side. The part I could see was at least four feet deep and had walls lined with stacked rocks. I immediately thought that it might be an old well. But the dimensions aren't right, and it looks more square than round.

I called Tom and beckoned him outside. He didn't share my fascination. He said it was too cold out to be poking around some hole in the yard and went back inside. I tried to take some pictures, but then I gave up as well. It's creepy down in there. I thought I saw bones. Here are the pictures I took.

The whole thing reminded me of a scene from Lies of the Prophet, where a woman is entranced and forced to dig portals. I wonder where this portal goes.