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Small Hunting Book1 3DOne of the great things about publishing on Amazon is that I've learned how to find all the good free books. They don't make it easy to find them. Drop down the "Search" selector, click Kindle Store, then click Kindle eBooks, then find "Best Sellers" in the left column. That gets you the top 100 paid and free Kindle books. If you dig deeper in the left column, you can click "Fiction," then "Horror," where (at the time I'm writing this) The Vivsectionist lives at #7. I'm sure it will be back down to #42,295 by Tuesday. 

I love trolling these lists and picking up free stuff. You have to pay close attention to the reviews though. Don't grab anything with less than four stars or less than ten reviews. If you like free Kindle books, you should also check out these sites:

Those are my favorite sites, but only because they're the ones who listed my book today. Once I get enough reviews for Lies and Hunting Tree, I'll promote those books with free days as well. 

The other thing I've been having fun with today is my new 3D rendering of The Hunting Tree. I took the mediocre cover I created and then wrapped in on a kickass POVRay model. After playing with the lighting for a few hours, I came up with the image above. It's hard to see in this thumbnail, but I spent a long time on the pages, too. They look great at 2400x2000 (also known as: a resolution nobody will ever see). You know what's great about creating your very own raytraced 3D model to generate book covers? There's about a grillion sites out there that will do it for free:

I like to do stuff myself though. I'll post the 3D model at some point. You just pass in the filename of your cover and it does the rest. I guess I could make my own crappy website to generate book covers for free. Hmmmm.