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huntingtree3dThis week I published The Hunting Tree - Book One: Stage of Possibilities. It's a very long name for a pretty short book. With all three parts, the whole thing is about 350 pages, but I thought it would make sense to market it in the smaller pieces. The story breaks nicely at a couple of spots and you get a little cliffhanger action to engage you. I don't have much of an audience yet, so I thought it might make sense to have a short, low-commitment offering on the table to draw new readers in. 

I gave a lot of thought to the pricing scheme. Book One is $1.25, Book Two will be $1.50, and Three is going to cost $1.75. So if you buy the installments, you've paid $4.50. Amazon will keep most of that money though. Anything less than $2.99 and Amazon keeps 70% (I get 35%). That's why the whole thing collected (Books 1-3) will be priced at $2.99. Try the first one, then buy the collection, and you're only out $4.24. Or, if you prefer, wait until July and you can get them all at once. Actually, please don't wait. If I don't move any copies of Book One, I'll get really depressed and then I might not even finish putting together the collection.

This weekend (actually, Sunday 6/3, and Monday 6/4) I'm also running a big promotion on The Vivisectionist. I've promoted it on Amazon with free days before, and I've gotten some decent walk-up traffic, but it was totally random traffic. I had no plan in place to help people find the book. That was primarily because I didn't have enough reviews to get listed on all the free book sites. You need a good ten reviews before the listing sites will pick you up. Now that I've got 11 reviews (thank you everyone who has taken the time), I sent word to every site I could find. I'm hoping to get listed on FKBooksAndTips, eReaderNewsToday, PixelOfInk, and many more. I have no idea what will happen though. It's my first attempt at marketing a free day. 

the vivisectionistSpeaking of reviews, I've had the tiniest bit of controversy on the comments page for Lies of the Prophet. A potential reader (Emerald Coast) walked away because he/she didn't trust the reviews posted there. At that point, all the reviews were from posters who lacked the "Amazon Verified Purchase" tag. It's a simple explanation–those reviewers got Lies of the Prophet directly from me via email before it was released. I routinely give out copies of a book before its published so I can get help proofing, and have reviews ready to quote for the title page. Oh well, one less reader. 

In conclusion, go buy The Hunting Tree - Book One (please!), so that when you review it, you'll be Amazon Verified. I promise to offer the conclusion by July 4th, unless I get really depressed about the low sales of Book One. Thanks in advance!