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Self publishing is a giant signal to agents, critics, publishing companies, and readers that your work is no good. Once you've printed your book through a Vanity Press, everyone knows that your writing couldn't stand up to the scrutiny and high standards employed by the industry.

VivCover2This seems to be changing with the growth of electronic publishing and the ease with which any author can make their work available. But while making it easier has allowed many legitimate authors to choose that route, it has also allowed lots of valueless work out into the marketplace. There are no enforced standards for spelling, grammar, pace, formatting, and cover aesthetics if anyone with access to a computer can publish whatever their fingers can puke into a keyboard.

So, here's my plan: I'm going to "publish" several more novels to Amazon while I continue to pursue the old-school, traditional publishing routes. My goal is to present the potential reader with lots of options at a very low price, and hope to lure them into an impulse buy. Then, assuming my novels are entertaining enough, they'll be inclined to buy one or more other books from me. Of course, I'll be limited to people who'll read eBooks, but there are more and more of those every second. Hopefully this holiday season will bring a lot more Kindles to people. 

Stay tuned – I'll probably publish Debunking the Lies of the Prophets by March of 2012. Happy vanity!