In my latest book, Extinct, I take great pains to show you the intelligence of my characters. When they have an expertise, you know it, and they explain their thought process. So you might not get every minute detail of logic behind the way my universe works, but I hope that you've got plenty of reason to trust that they do.

In a new book I'm working on, one of the characters begins working with computers in the late seventies. He's a guy who knows how to fix stereos, so someone brings him a cassette deck they're trying to use to load programs onto their computer. Before the Intersweb, DVDs, CDs, or floppies, we loaded programs with cassettes, uphill both ways, in the snow (5 miles). Anyway, the guy fixes the cassette player and I explain that. I don't know why. I was probably just trying to fill my quota of words for the day--perhaps I'll cut it.

So, the story is more important than the technology, but bad technology will always kill the story. That's my opinion. It will probably change.


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