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The last movie I saw alone was The Birdcage (1996). I sat down at the end of a row with my popcorn and soda and hoped to enjoy a fun movie to take me away from Maine winter for a couple of hours. Just after the previews started, I had to do that weird half-rise to let two people in. It was the president of the company I worked for and his wife. They sat right next to me. Yes, I was the weirdo going to a movie alone on a Friday night. That wasn't too awkward. They both gave me a little nod and half a smile like they'd just opened the stall door to find me eating nachos while sitting on the toilet.

conjuringTonight I went to see The Conjuring (2013). It was a good movie. Good suspense and nice tense moments that didn't rely on jolting surprises. Good use of audio, too. I was able to not think of Ron Livingston as "Office Space Guy" the whole time. Patrick Wilson was just "Insidious Guy" for quite some time, but I got over that. Lili Taylor will always be "The Haunting Lady" for me. Vera Farmiga might have been the best of the bunch. I just watched her in a million hours of Bates Motel, but I forgot all about that when I saw her in her 1970's garb. She was great. The kids did a good job, too. Shannon Kook was great. I'll be watching for more of him.

The plot was good, pacing was good, resolution was good, audio was great. I'm not 100% on the mythology. They floated several concepts, but didn't bother to really lock into one specific notion. I liked the concepts though, so that was good. I don't want to spoil for anyone (and nobody I know has seen this), so I won't go into specifics. Maybe later.

I didn't run into anyone I knew at the theater. That was a huge plus. There's nothing I like more than good horror, and I think I might start going to horror movies alone. I think I might get more out of them. The isolation makes things a little more menacing.