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Lynne’s new job seems simple enough. All she has to do is look at dead people and spot the ones who might come back to life. Ever since Gregory burst out of his cheap coffin at his own funeral, you can’t trust a corpse to stay dead. Lynne only has one problem—Gregory seems to think that she is going to bring the end of civilization, and he has the resources to track her down. Running for her life, Lynne meets up with two other women and the three set off to save the world.

Lies of the Prophet (horror / suspense, 350 pages)

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Here's what readers are saying about Lies of the Prophet:

"I really enjoyed reading "Lies". Right from the beginning the main character finds herself in the midst of strange events, and we learn more together along the way. But the mysteries and dangers keep coming, growing more and more unusual and fantastic. Later, as another character is exercising her powers, I felt exhilarated, shocked by what was happening, but also amazed and impressed by the destructive force I was witnessing. Like watching a tornado rip through a town. Horrific, yes, but awesome. An impressive and imaginative tale of a supernatural power struggle."


"Doing the best we can with the cards we're dealt; that's all we can really hope for. But what if that card involves waking up dead, with your organs removed no less, seeing supernatural auras trailing behind possessed toddlers, or channeling spirits from other dimensions in the backwoods of Maine? Hamill takes these situations and more, and weaves them together into a pretty incredible story that kept me turning pages well into the night, day after day.

Convenience-full-700x609Lies of the Prophet was a gripping read which incorporated many pop-culture themes, but with really unique twists and new perspectives. Much like his previous book, The Vivisectionist, Hamill creates characters with depth who really drive the story: the friendly neighbor lady who takes a dark turn when touched by fame, the weary diaper-changing widow with a two-year old who actually IS possessed (unlike most two-year olds, who just act that way), or the career-driven man behind the scenes trying to manage an unlikely celebrity persona... these vivid characters come to life on the page, and again left me picturing the scenes on a high-def movie screen with a $13 box of popcorn on my lap. I really enjoyed the twisted journey of Lies, and look forward to my next glimpse into the dark mind of Ike Hamill."


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