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ikehamill @toddmoore I completely agree that the current regulation is imperfect, but I really don't want to stand back and w… https://t.co/9wSWaOcq8i
ikehamill @toddmoore The yearly payout I quoted was based only on the estimates of a few people. I think Rayburn put it at $1… https://t.co/XhfVP4P2Gn
ikehamill @toddmoore I agree that we should break up the ISPs. And, until that day, we should regulate them to make sure that… https://t.co/tczOSuNey0
ikehamill @toddmoore You ended the show with, "We never had a problem. The problems worked themselves out naturally." They di… https://t.co/lUAznyHtd3
ikehamill @toddmoore Happy (early) birthday. Regarding NN, you asked, "What will change?" Don't you think the fees ($12-35M)… https://t.co/mtBX0S6NTO