the vivisectionist

The boys have the perfect summer planned. They'll camp out in the backyard for their last vacation before high school. There's only one problem — even though they're just a hundred feet from the safety of the house, they're being hunted by a serial killer.

The Vivisectionist (horror / suspense, 400 pages)

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Here's what readers are saying about The Vivisectionist:

"Take two quarts of idyllic boyhood summer vacation and mix in two quarts of dark psychological thriller, and you've got yourself a gallon of seriously spooky paint called 'The Vivisectionist'. The characters and settings really come alive through Hamill's writing, and found myself seeing each scene clearly in my mind. Midway through the book I started casting the film version, and picking out great locations; this book begs to be adapted into a movie. If you are a fan of thrillers, dark undertones, and rich characters, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to more from this author."


"The characters in this book are very familiar and believable and I was emotionally invested in them. That's what made the book so difficult to put down when the danger that had been lurking on the periphery became a reality to the characters. The boys enter a real-life puzzle that soon becomes a place where they have to make life and death choices. There were new developments and surprises throughout!"


"It's not hard to draw parallels between Stephen King and Ike Hamill. Both are Maine-based authors who write thrill-rides populated by well-drawn, intelligent characters who speak to one another in wish-I-talked-like-that dialog. They write plots which drive relentlessly forward--but not in a straight line; you'll surely notice and enjoy the dips, rises and bends in the road. And both share a commitment to honest, show-your-work storytelling and draw from rich, broad imaginations. Hamill, like King, is a prolific writer, with The Vivisectionist being just the first of his novels to emerge from a vibrant and deep pipeline. A difference between King's novels and Hamill's? You can't buy a Stephen King novel for a dollar. Read Ike Hamill's The Vivisectionist now; you'll be able to brag about it later."


"I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of horror or suspense novels, but a friend who's opinion I trust recommended this book, so I thought I'd read it. I couldn't put it down. At the end of each chapter when I promised myself I would put it down and go to sleep, I couldn't, I had to find out what happened next, the whole time curled up at the top of my bed tense to see what would happen. I was able to get past the horror and suspense because of the scenes that Ike Hamill sets, I was drawn into the scene, I felt like I was there in the room with the characters watching the whole story play out. I look forward to reading more of Ike Hamill's work and you should too!"


"When I was a kid I had a small group of friends, and we'd while away summer vacation riding our bikes, going to the beach, playing with Lego on rainy days. So there were parts of this book that were familiar, comfortable, which makes everything else that happens all the more unsettling. There's really tension everywhere, primarily due to the breathless, what-the-heck-is-happening first couple of pages. Even when the boy's adventures seem innocent and benign, you know something's not right, when they turn one more corner, take one more step... C'mon kids, go home and watch television or something. No, they don't listen. Too bad for them. I really like stories of exploration, which to a certain extent this is. There's a lot that's mysterious and not entirely explained, which seemed to compel the boys forward and opened my own imagination. Thinking about it now, I suppose this sense of wonderment made me and the boys all the more vulnerable to what was to come."


You can also read sample chapters online here.


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