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  • Accidental Evil


    Kingston Lakes is a quiet town. During long summer days, the residents barely have a care. They almost never have to worry about the rise of a bloodthirsty demon who wants to feast on their flesh and enslave their immortal souls.
    Almost never.

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    October 2015

    (110,000 words, Horror / Occult)

  • Wild Fyre


    The perfect technology would anticipate our every need, solve our problems, and answer questions we hadn't thought to ask.

    The perfect technology would defend itself.
    It would spread everywhere.
    It would kill if it had to.

    In this unique blend of Sci-Fi and Horror, Ike Hamill will bring you into the world of Fyre. The question is, will she let you live?

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    September 2015

    (75,000 words, Sci-Fi / Thriller)

  • Punch List


    Jeff doesn't want to think about the future. He's not even sure he can deal with the present. High school, friends who aren't friendly, and his crumbling family are hard enough. It's time for him to make a change. Maybe, with a little luck, he'll survive the summer.

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    September 2015

    (100,000 words, Coming of Age)

  • Inhabited


    They were looking for an adventure—a night of harmless fun. Miguel has a map. Kristin's friend has the equipment. The mine leads to the cave, and the cave is where they'll find their fortune.
    But down in the darkness, something waits.
    It needs them.
    The caves hold a secret. They're Inhabited.

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    July 2015

    (90,000 words, Horror / Suspense)

  • The Claiming

    The Claiming

    It wasn't her fault.
    It wasn't Lizzy's fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard. It wasn't her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house. And it definitely wasn't her fault when people began to die. Lizzy didn't want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed. Even her sister was starting to suspect her.
    It wasn't fair because it wasn't her fault.
    Lizzy was claimed.

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    June 2015

    (100,000 words, Horror / Occult)

Blog Posts

  • Mailing List - Free Book

    If you're looking to sign up for the Mailing List, just click here or look on the bottom left of the home page. If you sign up, the next time I release a book, I'll give you a free Kindle copy of it. I only send out email when I have a...

  • Goals

    I have yet to find a balance. I write at least 2,000 words a day, but that's not enough. At the end of that session, I rarely feel like I've done enough to propel my career. Most of the time, I'm also working to rewrite, edit, or format an older piece of work. A lot of times, I'll come back to that work at the end of the day. This year, I've been...

  • Break Time

    Forgive me, I know it has been forever since I've written a blog post. I've been working on publishing Migrators, and trying to sell Migrators, and failing to sell Migrators. It was the first book I put out in paperback, which was a fun learning experience. I need to sell about twenty times more paper copies before that learning experience...

  • Cha's Diary

    I was getting a guest room ready for this weekend (I'm expecting company) and I ran across my grandmother's diary. It's from 1920 when she was 10. It's not very long.   Charlotte G. Smith 185 North St. Salem, Mass   Pickering School -- Grade VII age 10 yrs   1920 June 24th - School closed. Left Miss Pickering's room to go into Miss Mullin's room (7th Grade)....

  • Too Many Books

    I've set a new pace for the novel I'm working on now. I'm writing at least 2,280 words/day. It's not a random number. When I started the book, I figured I wanted it to be about 100,000 words and I wanted it to be finished by November 1st. Once I did the math, I had my daily goal. I guess that means I set aside about 44 days for the book. I'm not...

  • Get HT4 Free

    If you're reading this before October 1st, 2013, you can get a free copy of the new Hunting Tree sequel. It's entitled "Hunting Tree IV -- Blood Ghost" and it will be for sale on Amazon at the beginning of October. As always, I'll be sending a free copy to anyone who signs up on my mailing list before that date. When I first started my mailing...

  • Movie for One

    The last movie I saw alone was The Birdcage (1996). I sat down at the end of a row with my popcorn and soda and hoped to enjoy a fun movie to take me away from Maine winter for a couple of hours. Just after the previews started, I had to do that weird half-rise to let two people in. It was the president of the company I worked for and his wife....

  • Bread Like My Dad Likes

    Don't get me wrong--I don't think my dad has any particular fondness for this type of bread, but one time I made it and he said, "That's good bread." I happen to like this type of bread too. It's good calorie-counting bread. You have a little slice of it with some garlic spread and you're like, that couldn't have been more than a quarter of a...

  • Technology in Books

    I love a story with really interesting ideas. People will tell you that an interesting idea doesn't make for a good story--for a good story you need real characters that you care about. You need to watch these characters face challenges and grow (or shrink). They'll tell you that the story can't be good unless you have an emotional attachment to...

  • New Site

    As of this moment (Tuesday, May 28th, 2013), I've relaunched my website. I built this site using Joomla 3.0, and a handful of modules. Joomla isn't the most popular CMS (the most popular is either WordPress or Drupal), but I've got a lot of experience with it, so I find it easy to use. I've simplified my site quite a bit for the relaunch. I...

  • Hunting for a Story

    I've had a lot of luck lately with my third book, The Hunting Tree. The success it's having is unexpected, and so was the book itself. The two books I wrote before it (The Vivisectionist, and The Eight-Cell Stage) were fairly well-formed in my mind before I started writing them. At least the premise and the main event were formed; other...

  • Digging

    The most extraordinary thing just happened. You have to picture the setting. I was in outside in the yard at 10pm. This is the yard on the north side of my house. We're supposed to get a nor'easter overnight. In fact, it's already started. The wind was whistling through the trees and blowing light snow flurries through the beam of my headlamp. I...

  • Imagination

    In Maine, the winter brings slate-gray days that portend the coming snow. My grandmother used to say that the snow was falling because the ground was trying to match the sky. Mid-December, an afternoon lasts about fifteen minutes. Dark creeps in around the edges of the sky around 1pm, and it's dusk by 3:30.  It's easy to romanticize those cold...

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About Ike

Ike Hamill grew up reading horror books and dreaming up his own chilling story ideas. He studied the genre for years before trying to scare people. Now he works tirelessly to capture spine-tingling moments in words. His books take you on a fast-paced ride and lead to dark corners where sanity never treads.

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