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  • Madelyn's Nephew


    Gather my bones, if you find them. If a bear hasn't dragged them off, or a wolf cracked them for my marrow. My skull goes on the wall with the others. Any other remains can be planted near Sacrifice Rock. That's where my grandfather is buried, and where I dug up the skull of my beloved grandmother.
    Her sweet eyes were still wise and kind, even when I only imagined them from their hollow sockets. She taught us so many things—how to hunt, trap, and fish. She should have taught me how to live alone. I never learned the trick of scaring away the ghosts. They won't shut up and leave me in peace. Guess I can't beat them. I'll have to join them.


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    January 2016

    (80,000 words, Horror / Sci-Fi)

  • Accidental Evil


    Kingston Lakes is a quiet town. During long summer days, the residents barely have a care. They almost never have to worry about the rise of a bloodthirsty demon who wants to feast on their flesh and enslave their immortal souls.
    Almost never.

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    October 2015

    (110,000 words, Horror / Occult)

  • Wild Fyre


    The perfect technology would anticipate our every need, solve our problems, and answer questions we hadn't thought to ask.

    The perfect technology would defend itself.
    It would spread everywhere.
    It would kill if it had to.

    In this unique blend of Sci-Fi and Horror, Ike Hamill will bring you into the world of Fyre. The question is, will she let you live?

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    September 2015

    (75,000 words, Sci-Fi / Thriller)

  • Punch List


    Jeff doesn't want to think about the future. He's not even sure he can deal with the present. High school, friends who aren't friendly, and his crumbling family are hard enough. It's time for him to make a change. Maybe, with a little luck, he'll survive the summer.

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    September 2015

    (100,000 words, Coming of Age)

  • Inhabited


    They were looking for an adventure—a night of harmless fun. Miguel has a map. Kristin's friend has the equipment. The mine leads to the cave, and the cave is where they'll find their fortune.
    But down in the darkness, something waits.
    It needs them.
    The caves hold a secret. They're Inhabited.

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    July 2015

    (90,000 words, Horror / Suspense)

Blog Posts

  • Same

    I suppose I'm a little bored. Maybe that's the wrong word. I suppose I'm in a bit of a rut. I've been doing too much of the same thing every day. It's good, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I look at the clock and wonder how much longer I really need to stay up before I can legitimately go to bed. My books are going well, my projects are all...

  • Dreams

    I've been caught in a lot of circular dreams lately. Last night, it was about the characters of the book I'm going to publish in February. The book is called "Post Grace," and it's pretty personal for me. In the dream, I kept going round and round about events that never happened for the people. I kept thinking, "I have to take that part out....

  • Storm

    I spent a lot of the day watching traffic cameras from Virginia, and waiting for the snow to start. It was great fun. I love those "found footage" movies, like Paranormal Activity, where we get to spend long periods of time watching empty rooms. This was like that, but with traffic and no demons. Once the snow started, it got really interesting. I tracked...

  • Release

    I released "Madelyn's Nephew" yesterday. I took a chance sending it out to the mailing list on a Wednesday. I'm not sure that's going to pan out. I usually go for Thursday or Friday. I figured I should vary the day to see if it made a difference. Who knows--maybe some people will check their email in the next couple of days and the percentage...

  • Fire

    My thumbs hurt. I'm not sure why. I was probably careless with my weightlifting. I'll try to stay off of them for a couple of days and see if that helps. My hands and wrists are always right on the hairy edge of an injury. I type a lot--probably more than is healthy. It's such a hard life that I lead. I had a small fire yesterday. Years ago, I...

  • Sprouts

    Everything is going well here. I'm deep into my final draft of "Madelyn's Nephew." I'll release it in about a week. I'm very exicited to introduce Madelyn to you. I think she's tough, smart, and funny, and I really like her. My favorite heroes aren't backed screaming into a corner by a threat--they recognize the threat early and then they prepare...

  • I Won!

    I won the lottery today! No, not the silly Powerball, or whatever everyone has been talking about. I won the Nielsen lottery! I've always wanted to have the Nielsen company contact me about my important opinions about what's good on TV. Today, they did! They sent me $5 and a survey to fill out with the promise of $5 more. They asked me how many...

  • Rain

    We're getting typical weather for a nice January in Maine--50s and rain. Last year at this time, it was -24° and we have 49 inches of snow on the ground. You just can't make sense of it. How windy is it? It's so windy that the back door of my barn fell off. I went out to do my evening chores, and I saw that it was hanging by one roller and...

  • Running Low

    I'm starting to run low on a couple of things. I only have lettuce enough for one salad. I have no tomatoes. My hydroponic lettuce is begging to sprout, but it will still be weeks before I'm able to harvest. If I do this experiment again, I'll have to start growing lettuce in November. Other things I'm going to run out of reasonably soon: cream,...

  • Of Lions and Lawyers

    I just had a major revelation. Now, this revelation came to me right on the heels of a pretty intense workout, when I was swaying on my feet, so please take it with a grain of salt. Chances are I won't even remember writing it later. But... (I'm making all of this up.) The problem with politics in the US is efficiency. As US manufacturing jobs...

  • Too Much

    Working on my hydroponic lettuce project, I set up the grow lights on a counter in the kitchen today. It took about ten minutes before I wanted to vomit. It's unbelievable how quickly those lights made me nauseous! I'm never bothered by flickering lights, or refresh rates on monitors, so I was stunned to discover that I have no tolerance for...

  • Memory

    I had a vivid memory today. Back in 2004 my grandmother died. That same year, a few months later, my adorable dog Moose almost died. (Yes, I know, half of my life is spent on sick dogs.) Moose had bladder stones and he filled up with urine. He had emergency surgery to have them out. The problem turned out to be a congenital defect where he...

  • Day 12

    Happy New Year!  I guess it's time to take down the decorations. Maybe tomorrow. Today I spent a lot of quality time with stories. On Ms. Roundy's advice, I've cracked open one of the books on my stack. I didn't get a ton of reading done in 2015. I was always busy doing a poor job at proofing one of my own books. But it's necessary to read other...

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Ike Hamill grew up reading horror books and dreaming up his own chilling story ideas. He studied the genre for years before trying to scare people. Now he works tirelessly to capture spine-tingling moments in words. His books take you on a fast-paced ride and lead to dark corners where sanity never treads.

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