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The community of Fairbanks is threatened, and there's only one person who can save them. Unfortunately, the leader of their group just had her hanged.

The community has to pull together to fight this new threat. All the factions have to learn to cooperate. And there are new threats that they can't even comprehend. Many will die. The few who survive have little chance of success without Madelyn.

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April 2016

(370 pages, Horror / Sci-Fi)


The town I grew up in is dying, and I know who's killing it. At least I think I do. But he's a master manipulator and nobody will believe me. It's up to me to prove that he's the serial killer who has been stalking the streets. I have to stop him before he targets me, or worse, my family.

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April 2016

(370 pages, Horror / Suspense)


For so many years, Madelyn had protected her grandmother's cabin for posterity. Her nephew proved that it simply wasn't important. Family was important.

Down in Fairbanks, it's a fragile time for the small community. Any pressure could fracture the structure they've achieved. A stiff breeze could disrupt the balance of power.

God help the poor souls who might threaten Madelyn's new family.

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April 2016

(280 pages, Horror / Sci-Fi)


Grace Anne Orlov died peacefully in her home on Thursday, the 7th. Her husband, John, survives her in body if not in spirit. John studied killers and death, but failed to learn how to live alone after more than forty years of marriage.
Along with two daughters, a son, two grandchildren, and a stray bastard, John has a lot to figure out.
What he doesn't know might kill him.

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February 2016

(90,000 words, Family Life / Literary Fiction)


Gather my bones, if you find them. If a bear hasn't dragged them off, or a wolf cracked them for my marrow. My skull goes on the wall with the others. Any other remains can be planted near Sacrifice Rock. That's where my grandfather is buried, and where I dug up the skull of my beloved grandmother.
Her sweet eyes were still wise and kind, even when I only imagined them from their hollow sockets. She taught us so many things—how to hunt, trap, and fish. She should have taught me how to live alone. I never learned the trick of scaring away the ghosts. They won't shut up and leave me in peace. Guess I can't beat them. I'll have to join them.


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January 2016

(80,000 words, Horror / Sci-Fi)


Kingston Lakes is a quiet town. During long summer days, the residents barely have a care. They almost never have to worry about the rise of a bloodthirsty demon who wants to feast on their flesh and enslave their immortal souls.
Almost never.

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October 2015

(110,000 words, Horror / Occult)


The perfect technology would anticipate our every need, solve our problems, and answer questions we hadn't thought to ask.

The perfect technology would defend itself.
It would spread everywhere.
It would kill if it had to.

In this unique blend of Sci-Fi and Horror, Ike Hamill will bring you into the world of Fyre. The question is, will she let you live?

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September 2015

(75,000 words, Sci-Fi / Thriller)


Jeff doesn't want to think about the future. He's not even sure he can deal with the present. High school, friends who aren't friendly, and his crumbling family are hard enough. It's time for him to make a change. Maybe, with a little luck, he'll survive the summer.

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September 2015

(100,000 words, Coming of Age)


They were looking for an adventure—a night of harmless fun. Miguel has a map. Kristin's friend has the equipment. The mine leads to the cave, and the cave is where they'll find their fortune.
But down in the darkness, something waits.
It needs them.
The caves hold a secret. They're Inhabited.

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July 2015

(90,000 words, Horror / Suspense)

The Claiming

It wasn't her fault.
It wasn't Lizzy's fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard. It wasn't her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house. And it definitely wasn't her fault when people began to die. Lizzy didn't want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed. Even her sister was starting to suspect her.
It wasn't fair because it wasn't her fault.
Lizzy was claimed.

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June 2015

(100,000 words, Horror / Occult)


Welcome to Camp Sacrifice.
You'll find your cabin clean and comfortable, but please bring the following items to get the most out of your vacation this summer:
1 - personal story of bone-chilling fright
1 - mirror for summoning spirits
1 - sharp knife for things that stalk the night
1 - shovel to dispatch the undead
Oh, and be sure to cancel your autumn plans.

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May 2015

(120,000 words, Horror / Occult)


Thomas has found the biggest story of his career, and he can't believe his luck. He's sitting in the prison cell that at one time housed each of The Big Four, the state's most notorious murderers. There's only one problem: he's beginning to understand what drove them to commit their crimes. He's beginning to feel their madness.
Years later, his son suffers a curse. Every night, he's compelled to transcribe his father's stories. If he misses a single night, he'll do something terrible. It has happened before. James has given up everything to his curse, and it controls every moment of his life. James can only imagine what will happen if one of the stories gets out. In the worst case, people will die.
And the worst case is coming.

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October 2014

(90,000 words, Horror / Suspense)


Surviving the end of the world wasn't enough. Driving away an alien invasion wasn't enough. Faced with certain death, Robby's group is on the move once more. They're headed west, hoping to find other people who have escaped the apocalypse. To live, they'll have to uncover ancient memories. They'll have to use every Instinct.

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August 2014

(135,000 words, Horror / Sci-Fi)

Skillful Death

Deep in an Old World forest, an unnamed village lies hidden. Decades pass as the village waits for its special son to return. The boy challenged the lion, bested the snake, and defeated the elephant. He possessed an unearthly skill. His return will bring back balance to the village. High in the Tibetan mountains, a monk waits for death behind a stone wall. For this last journey, he prepared his body over the course of one-hundred days. Outside his little tomb, another man is learning the secret of immortality. In Seattle, an old man learns a new skill and finds unimaginable fortune. It's my job to document these lives, keep my boss safe, and find that unnamed village. At one of these tasks, I will fail.

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June 2014

(185,000 words, Action / Adventure)

Migrators Cover

Do not speak of them. Your words leave a scent. They will come.
Somewhere in the middle of Maine, one of the world's darkest secrets has been called to the surface. Alan and Liz just wanted a better life for themselves and their son. They decided to move to the country to rescue the home of Liz's grandfather, so it would stay in the family. Now, they find themselves directly in the path of a dangerous ritual. No one can help them. Nothing can stop the danger they face.
To save themselves and their home, they have to learn the secrets of the Migrators.

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December 2013

(100,000 words, Horror / Occult)

BloodGhostThey stopped the monster, but his blood remained. It soaked into the forest floor, poisoning the New Hampshire soil. The witch fed. She, the Blood Ghost, the thief of life's essence, grew strong on that blood, and she grew bold. Now she's taken a new lover. Each drop of his young blood feeds the witch and her evil purpose.

Back in Maine, Davey is having nightmares again. This time he's vowed to stop them before they come true. Davey will enlist his distant cousins once again and join them to fight the witch, the Blood Ghost.

"Blood Ghost" is a sequel to "The Hunting Tree." Enjoy it alone or as part of the set.

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September 2013

(120,000 words, Horror / Occult)

ExtinctChannel Two predicted a blanket of snow for Thanksgiving weekend--unusual, but not alarming for the little Maine island. What comes is a blinding blizzard, and a mass-disappearance of nearly every person Robby Pierce knows. He and his family flee, trying to escape the snow and the invisible forces stealing people right from the street.

Miles away, Brad Jenkins battles the same storm. Alone, he attempts to survive as snow envelops his house. When the storm breaks, Brad makes his way south to where the snow ends and the world lies empty. Join Brad, Robby, and the other survivors as they fight to find the truth about the apocalypse and discover how to live in their new world.

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June 2013

(125,000 words, Horror / Sci-Fi)

htnew1-3For thousands of years a supernatural killer has slept in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. An amateur ghost hunter has just woken him up. Now that he stalks the night once more, he's traveling east. Although the monster's actions are pure evil, he may be the only thing that can save humanity from extinction.

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June 2012

(125,000 words, Horror / Suspense)

Lies CoverGregory was the first to rise from the grave. With no organs and no pulse he burst from his coffin demanding to know why he’d been buried. His subsequent book made him a billionaire and encouraged others to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, the decayed, mindless undead who rose next were nothing like him.

Lynne, Carol, and Marta are on a collision course with the same goal: they must stop Gregory. Join these three women as they battle supernatural forces and discover their own paranormal powers. They each have their own reasons for fighting Gregory, but the fate of the world rests in their hands.

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April 2012

(130,000 words, Horror / Suspense)

The boys have the perfect summer planned. They'll camp out in the backyard for their last vacation before high school. There's only one problem — even though they're just a hundred feet from the safety of the house, they're being hunted by a serial killer.

Join Jack, Ben, and Stephen as they strap on their backpacks and go out looking for adventure. The woods behind Jack's house contain endless trails to explore, and the boys have weeks to investigate them all. Their neighborhood finally seems at peace again, now that the man who snatched the kid from down the street has been caught. But there's still danger in those woods, and the boys are about to stumble into it...

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October 2011

(110,000 words, Horror / Suspense)


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